• Deploy, manage and optimize
    your supply chain from a single view.

    Loft offers the perfect solution to your supply chain constraints, with warehousing, financing,
    distribution and fulfilment of your product. We manage it all on one platform,
    saving you money and time.

Automated Data Entry

Loft reads data directly from email attachments, FTP, API and/or integrations to systems such as Shopify, Xero, SAP, MYOB (+ many others)

Mobile Scan/Pack

Our mobile app scan/pick products ensuring the correct stock leaves the warehouse while providing clients with a real-time view of order progress, stock levels and much more.

Real-time Delivery Allocation

We use our route sorter to maximise driver efficiency on the road. View real-time updates of driver progress and track their location.

Instant PODs reports

Our platform allow drivers to view and reorder their runs, navigate to the destination, group multiple jobs for a single POD signature capture, take photos and much, much more. PODs can be emailed to clients in real-time.

Automated Invoicing

Loft invoices faster and easily. We automate rates for both WMS & TMS onto a single invoice. Invoices are then pushed into Xero or MYOB and then emailed to our customers along with an Excel sheet breaking down how charges were calculated