• Inventory Management, Storage and
    Distribution made Smarter.

    Scale your warehousing and logistics needs without fixed-term commitments.
    Loft We enable you to replenish goods faster, handle inventory and orders better
    and be effective with your distribution channels.

Warehouse Inventory Management

Loft helps you track your products storage, as well as ensuring you maintain optimal levels so you can quickly fulfil customer orders.

Order Fulfilment/Processing

Loft manages your orders from when they are placed, all the way to when the customer receives the delivery. One single point of handling, ingestion, storage, processing, packing and delivery.

Flexible Warehousing

Loft solves your storage capacity constraints for a fraction of the cost. We help you position your inventory closer to the market without fixed long-term commitments.


Ship fast with Loft

Loft turns your supply chain to a competitive advantage with agile flexibility. We provide custom-built offerings to increase your speed and capacity according to your needs.





Loft gives your business
the option to be flexible and smart.

Think about your storage in Sqm and not in number of warehouses. We have made storage flexible and customizable for businesses looking to do more volumes or respond to market shifts.