• Supply Chain Financing
    made Smarter.

    You can do more, if you have the right partner!
    Loft Finance gives businesses fast and reliable access to finance
    so they can scale through increased volumes.

Access new Trade routes

Loft helps you access new trade routes locally or globally. With Loft, your business will do higher volumes beyond geographical boundaries.

End-to-End Inventory Management

Loft helps you manage the handling of your financed orders, our logistics and fulfilment capabilities ensure that your inventory is well managed from purchase to delivery.

Supply Chain Financing

Loft helps your business maintain liquidity by discounting the invoices payable so that you can easily fill the working capital gap in your business.


Choose from an array of financing products that suit your business needs.

Eliminate the constraints in your supply chain and build your business with confidence. Loft provides industry-leading end-to-end supply chain solutions for businesses that value efficiency.



Instant payments for international products, international freight, customs duty, storage and local freight to your destination.

Local Procurement

Instant payments for local products, storage and local haulage to your destination.


Instant payment for your services upon proof of delivery.


Why you should scale
your business with Loft

  • Quick and easy e-verification of documents
  • Disbursal of approved funds within 48 business hours
  • Quick and secure payments to approved vendors

Frequently asked questions

You do not need to have physical assets to access Loft Finance. Our team will perform a credit check once the required documentation is uploaded to the platform.
We aim to disburse funds within 5 business days of application submission.
Funds will be disbursed directly to approved vendors.